Eternity Love

Eternal Love

It is time for me to leave now
You will read my stories when I am gone
Walking in the crowd
Through the middle
With hope..
I promise you this
You will search for me in others
And you will find me
You will kill them all
And I will live forever


I am every human in this world
All the men and all the women
I have saved them within me for over one hundred thousand years
I am the cause of all the wars and of all the murders
I have drank the blood of the most vicious animals and have drank the water that has ripped through the sky
I’ve carved mountains into homes and have tamed soil to give wheat
To go faster I’ve used tools
To love more I’ve given flowers
To kill more I’ve produced weapons
I have understood physics and have solved chemistry
I left the world, yet I am unable to leave by dying
And I came back
I created medicine for good and poison for evil
I wrote history
But nothing tired me more than not knowing where I came from or where I was heading.

Dinner table by the sea

We are people full of sorrow
We gather around a bottle of Raki in the evening
We see a glow in the ocean and cry or the sun will rise and we will laugh.


Give me a patch of grass to sit on
A tree to lean on
A paper and a pencil
If I could see the sea from a distance
With the sun and a clear blue sky above me
I would move the earth for you